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Modern Drummer – May 2015


ignacio iTunes Cover 720450Ignacio Berroa

Heritage and Passion

The brilliant Cuban-born player stretches out on originals and standards, captivating the mind,body, and soul. Ignacio Berroa shares the elastic time feel of jazz legends Elvin Jones and Tony Williams, but he has carved out his own place among the legends. Berroa’s ride patterns are so smooth, you hardly notice as he switches from straight-ahead jazz to mambo and Afro-Cuban feels. And his subtle infusion of left-foot clave makes all of his grooves infectious and unique. When he trades eights on Miles Davis’s “Nardis,” it’s downright astonishing, with many twists and turns. Berroa kills on his originals as well: “Laura’s Waltz” is a beautiful composition that showcases hypnotizing brushwork. And “Ignacio’s Solo” is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the master: a tasteful, elegant dissertation. (5Passion) Greg Sundel


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