“Rubalcaba Symphonic”


Gonzalo Rubalcaba presents his new project… “Rubalcaba Symphonic”

As one of the strongest forces in modern Jazz, Gonzalo Rubalcaba has solidified his place in history and is considered one of the most versatile pianists by critics around the world. With sixteen Grammy nominations and four Grammy Awards to his name, Gonzalo embodies the essence of virtuosity and intricate rhythms. Whether celebrating classical traditions, playing standards or simply invoking his melodic and soulful energy, the passion and innovation brought forth is unparalleled.  

Now, after collaborating for years with various Symphonic Orchestras such as the “Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra” (Japan), the “Orquesta Sinfonica de Sao Paulo” (Brazil), the “Metropole Orchestra” (Germany), the “Bilbaoko Orkestra Sinfonikoa” (Bilbao), the “Orquesta de Camara Andres Segovia” (España) , the “Orchestra Symphonic Mancini Institute” (U.S.A) and many others the world over, Gonzalo Rubalcaba has delved into this arena himself with his highly anticipated “Rubalcaba Symphonic”. He is forging a path to a world that has always piqued his interests… and with this new project Gonzalo demonstrates his ability to transcend time and place and cover a repertoire that is vast and unique to his very own style, stemming from his classical roots. 

His impeccable taste and ability to transport the listener with “Rubalcaba Symphonic” is sure to leave everyone astounded and wanting more. There is no doubt that Gonzalo has created a work that is superb, exquisite and refreshing. No doubt, he has broken-down boundaries between genres.