About 5Passion



May 2, 2011 

It is my great pleasure to announce the formation of my very own record label, 5Passion. As we charge into the future, technology continues to evolve… and in many cases, continues to democratize many of the processes of major industries once reserved only for those with significant capital. These days, owning your own world-class studio and distributing your work in the virtual world is a very real and attractive possibility. These developments are “music to my ears,” as the opportunity to produce and distribute lots of great music, video and other forms of art with only the quality of the product in mind is at hand.

5Passion will be dedicated to the production of great music.  We started this great adventure by releasing my first independent record for 5Passion in November of 2010. Sometime in the future, 5Passion will begin producing other artists as well. It is my vision that 5Passion will one day be known as a record label affording artists a friendly environment in which to record their visionary music, without comprimising their integrity for commercial consideration and constraining them from realizing their potential in all aspects of their professional lives. 5Passion will be fair to the artists, allowing them to share in the profits of theirwork under an unusually benevolent recording agreement. In the end, productions bearing the 5Passion logo will be recognized as fresh, new, real and exciting.

In all my years as a man of music, I have always followed my heart and everything follows my love for music. This tradition continues with 5Passion Productions.
Thank you all for your love and support, I couldn’t possibly realize anything without it.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba