Skyline – Coming Soon


On October 9,10 and 11 of 2018, three legends of the music world renewed their long-standing musical connection to record “Skyline”.

On this project, Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette and Gonzalo Rubalcaba reveal the vibratory culmination of years of musical love, dedication and respect. Respect for music and each other.

The set list is as follows:

“A Quiet Place”             Ron Carter
“Gypsy”                         Ron Carter
“Silver Hollow”              Jack De’Johnette
“Ahmad the Terrible”     Jack De’Johnette
“Lagrimas Negras”        Miguel Matamoros
“Novia Mia ”                  Jose Antonio Mendez  (Solo Piano)
“Siempre Maria”            G Rubalcaba
“Promenade”                 G Rubalcaba
“Skyline in Blue”           Ron Carter / Jack DeJohnette / G Rubalcaba

The sessions were expertly recorded by James Anderson at The Power Station in NYC.  We are currently in the process of editing/mixing/mastering the marvelous material and can not wait to share this glorious music with you.

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