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MU: You were in the studio at the beginning of June recording a new album on the 5Passion label, could you tell us more about this album?

SB: Yes, this new album should be available sometime this fall, I hope. It is a combination of some electric quartet songs with Scott Kinsey, Matt Garrison and Nate Smith, and some tunes with a large ensemble (woodwinds and strings) on some songs. John Scofield and Gonzalo Rubalcaba are both special guests.

MU: The instrumentation for this album looks very exciting. What inspired you to bring these musicians together and what writing have you been doing for this ensemble?

SB: It was the first recording for a label where there was a budget that allowed me to do some more daring and interesting things. I wanted to feature some orchestral songs to contrast with some more electric songs. My wife is a great arranger and partly her influence has inspired me to push for a larger ensemble sound.

MU: Are there any more projects in the pipeline? 

SBI am recording another Opus 5 CD next week. I will also continue to record more CDs for the 5Passion Label.  

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